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not another hard launch movie

hey babes!

Welcome to PLANET OF THE BABES – the babe’s guide to survival.

This site used to be known as funland – a name I thought is a bit too pedestrian and overused (I DON’T want to be sued by the ghost of London Trocaderoes past!). So why not name it semi-after a midcard movie franchise who’s next movie is coincidentally out in cinemas now? Then turn it into something modular once we take over the world?

Thanks to Beehiiv being unable to transfer past entries to future newsletters, I’m uploading past posts in due course. If you’re looking for funland, all is not lost.

That’s not the only change that’s happened since my laptop charger broke. In light of recent current events, I’ve decided to keep my use of bigoted, algorithmic social media platforms to a minimum. My presences on Reddit and (obviously) Beehiiv, as well as currently WhatsApp and YouTube, will be my only corporate social media accounts – I’ve also joined the Fediverse (Mastodon n’all that).

Through these approved platforms and some soon-to-be-done guerilla marketing, I’m making PLANET OF THE BABES an intentionally “If You Know, You Know” platform. I’m reclaiming “grifter” – or at least I will when I can afford to introduce payment plans…

We hope you enjoy this new phase of eternal, weaponised babehood.

Peace and love,
The babe with the Fediverse handle “@[email protected]

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