saturday splash + MAJOR UPDATE!!! 😲

Babe Update
Let’s Talk Neurodivergence with Let’s Talk Autism, Lu Williams and LYLANI Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Level 3 13:00–13:50 With so many of us learning in ways that differ from ‘the norm’, we discuss how and why your divergent creative outlook and methods can become your super-power.

Starting off this post with some MAJOR news… I’M ONLY GOING AND DOING A TALK AT THE V&A!

As part of this year’s Upstart festival on the 6th of July, me and the überbabe that is Lu Williams from Grrl Zine Fair will be presenting our wisdoms and speaking in conversation with Let’s Talk Autism’s Rosie Wellman, all on the topic of neurodivergency in the creative industry.

Admission is free and first-come-first-served; target audience is 13-to-26-year-olds. Even if you’re not, do come!

While we’re never touching Instagram or the-X-formerly-known-as-Twitter with a ten-foot-pole ever again (unless using a proxy frontend), and we’re still gonna use this platform extremely responsibly, we know there’s no alternative to the ‘Tok.

Not to mention, the @planetofthebabes handle was somehow free. Strike while the iron is hot, babes x

As well, I myself am on both Mastodon and BlueSky, for extra updates.

TikTok profile: "planetofthebabes planetofthebabes 1 Following 0 Followers 0 Likes 💖 for babes by babes 🧚🏻‍♀️ run by LYLANI 🌈🏳️‍⚧️🍉 👇 join us here👇 planet.ofthebabes.club"

Finally, we now have a Discord of the Babes! Unfortunately, you’ll have to subscribe to this newsletter in order to join – yeah, we’re so desperate we’re offering you a freebie – but you can subscribe by clicking the button down below!

For those already signed up, the link to the server is at the end of this email. In order to access the server, please DM me with the email address you signed up to this newsletter with, as well as ask a few questions. One of them is about what type of babe you are. Feel stuck? Look no further:

In our server, we have chatrooms for all the types of babes that (currently) exist, as well as special chatrooms for babes of colour and disabled/ND babes. That’s obviously in addition to general chatrooms including channels for memes, current affairs, suggestions and promotion, as well as voice channels (prepare for a sordid and seedy movie night someday???).

Please note that these categories and chatrooms are only available for female, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans* and agender folk. Those not of these categories must register as Honorary Babes, and must be aware of the space they take up, especially in the chatrooms for those of marginalised identities.

Oh, and you can only pick one! (You can swap, though…)


Heavenly creature looking down on the world with love – when your head's not in the clouds!

Telltale traits: pink, lace, pink lace, a Lana Del Rey vinyl, a thick skin from being called “bratty” umpteen times
Stereotypical sun sign: Libra
Most likely to: like their partners older


Magical, mystical, spellbinding and entrancing. Here to captivate – and capture.

Telltale traits: the need for self-care; Chani Nicholas and Annabel Gat on their bookshelves, any oracle card deck that isn’t the Britney one, crystals (obvs)
Stereotypical sun sign: Scorpio
Most likely to: go to Burning Man


Grounded in nature, sprinkling pixie dust wherever you go.

Telltale traits: a love of nature, a love of Mitski, the need to yearn, the urge to pair up with a Crystal Babe and attempt to forage a few liberty caps in Epping Forest somehow
Stereotypical sun sign: Taurus/Virgo
Most likely to: be a veeeee-gan. With five e’s.


Made of fire and the sun's warmth. Others melt in your presence.

Telltale traits: Incubal/succubal looks, an “outspoken” personality that fades once ordering at the Dalston Dixy Chicken, something in their bag that will blacken their lungs once inhaled
Stereotypical sun sign: Aries, Leo
Most likely to: watch the Euros. At Boxpark.


Always ready to make a splash. Helps things go swimmingly.

Telltale traits: a calming presence, a tail, an almost corvid need for shimmery stuff
Stereotypical sun sign: Pisces, Cancer
Most likely to: own a Stanley cup as a holdover from their VSCO flask days


Comes in peace. A real star child. Gorgeously galactic.

Telltale traits: an effortless cool, a spot on the Mums Against Donk guestlist, a pair of Oakleys that somehow don’t transform you into a typical 60-year-old Republican named Mike
Stereotypical sun sign: Aquarius
Most likely to: be a regular at Unfold. Or FOLD in general.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to sign up to the newsletter and join the Discord for more fuckery. I’m currently in my Mer Babe era, so for those aquatically-inclined, see you there. For those not, see you in general chat x <3

As for those who have already signed up…

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